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Flower arch
Flower wall
Artificial bamboos
Artificial Flower
Blossom trees
2016-4-20 Cherry blossom trees for a wedding UK 
2016-4-2 The cherry blossom tree for wedding decor. South Af 
2016-3-18 wedding decor for UK Events 
2015-2-25 artificial wisteria and garland for United Kingdom 
2015-1-16 led cherry blossom tree for United States 
2014-12-22 artificial rose and hydrangea for Canada 
About US

GNW Technology Limited was founded in 2001. A small shop selling artificial plants and wedding decoration products 15 years ago has been developed into a big manufacturer in China, running more than 10 branches in Guangzhou and Shenzhen now.
Our goal has always been to produce the world's finest, most authentic products. A 15-year manufacturing experience company , GNW should be your first choice.

Customers Worldwide
Our reputation as an international manufacturer for artificial Tree, Flower

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GNW Company         35 Xiangyin Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China      
Zip:518117 Business Sales contact: ( 0086) 150 1941 9909
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